Ghost & Bella

Born February 2, 2021. They had 5 boys and 5 females. Please contact for questions, or to reserve a puppy.

Prices start at $2,000. Deposits are $500.


BBC’s Locomotion

HEIGHT: Still Growing
AGE: Still Growing
WEIGHT: Still Growing
ABOUT LOCA: Stay tuned! Information about Loca is coming soon!


Jimbo & Fiona

Fiona and Jimbo had 6 very nice females. Prices start at $3,000. Deposits are $500. Click the photo to the left to meet them!


BCB’s Pure Kaos

HEIGHT: Still Growing
HEAD SIZE: Still Growing
WEIGHT: Still Growing
COLOR: Blue & White
ABOUT KAOS: Pure Kaos is our keeper from our Carl and Fiona Breeding. He is still a young boy, but filling out nicely and as expected. Check back for more updates on this fella as he grows.


BCB’s Big Blue

HEIGHT: 22” HEAD SIZE: 23” WEIGHT: 125lbs COLOR: Blue & White ABOUT BIG BLUE: I produced Blue in 2019 here at Box Car Bullys. He is from Carl X Xena, just turned 18 months old and already a big beautiful boy. Headward Swellington grandson along with some old school Gotti. Thinking about opening him up to the public if I find the right female. Maybe a pup back deal or something. Hit me up if you’re interested and let me see what you have.


BCB’s Ghost

WEIGHT: 132lbs
COLOR: Blue & White
ABOUT GHOST: Ghost is my keeper male off of the Jimbo & Fiona Breeding. Ghost is only 18 months and he is huge in person. He is very energetic and athletic right now but this boys gonna be thick once he slows down some. This boy’s ped is loaded both sides. Names like Probull’s Kong on mom and dad’s side, Midas on mom’s side, Juggernaut on mom’s side, Mr. Freeze and the list goes on..


BCB’s Trainwreck

HEIGHT: 22” HEAD SIZE: 25” WEIGHT: 131lbs COLOR: Blue & White ABOUT TRAINWRECK: This girl right here is one of Box Car Bullys awesome productions that came from the Jimbo X Fiona breeding. We are definitely happy that we kept this girl at BCB. The breeding was put together over a 2yr period of time and more than a couple trips to Florida looking for dogs that fit the look and pedigree we where after. We originally purchased a stud fee for Jimbo to go to another female that we had but the breeding never took place. We then decided to purchase a puppy from our friends at NBBK because he was doing a breeding that fit the bill and that's how Fiona came to BCB. TrainWreck is an absolutely amazing all around female with the looks attitude and athleticism that we desire our dogs to have.

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NBBK’S Fiona of BCB

HEIGHT: 21.5”
WEIGHT: 117lbs
COLOR: Blue & White
ABOUT FIONA: Fiona is a true female XL American Bully standing 21.5" tall with a 23" head weighing between 110#-117#. She's absolutely beautiful, graceful and athletic all wrapped up in XL package. She is a Probull’s Battle daughter and a Probull’s Midas and Probull’s Coven granddaughter on her dad’s side. She is a HPP Aphrodite daughter and a HPP Mr. Freeze and GK Layla Swellington granddaughter on her mom’s side. This girl has the size the Pedigree and produces nothing less than monsters. This girl is an absolute rock star and we have one of her daughters in house and she is, as far as we are concerned, the baddest XL American Bully female in the world.


BRB’S Bella of BCB

COLOR: Champagne & White
ABOUT BELLA: This Georgia girl is as beautiful as they come and we definitely love her here at Box Car Bullys. Bella is at the bottom end of the XL American Bully height at 19” with a 22" head. She brings bully, beauty and athleticism to the table for BCB. We absolutely love her 2xLiger bloodlines that she passes on to her pups in a big way with nice bully consistent litters. We kept her only born daughter from the Carl X Bella litter and we have high hopes for that baby girl. Watch for future litters out of this girl to make some major waves.