You are currently viewing NBBK’S Fiona of BCB
HEIGHT: 21.5”
WEIGHT: 117lbs
COLOR: Blue & White
ABOUT FIONA: Fiona is a true female XL American Bully standing 21.5″ tall with a 23″ head weighing between 110#-117#. She’s absolutely beautiful, graceful and athletic all wrapped up in XL package. She is a Probull’s Battle daughter and a Probull’s Midas and Probull’s Coven granddaughter on her dad’s side. She is a HPP Aphrodite daughter and a HPP Mr. Freeze and GK Layla Swellington granddaughter on her mom’s side. This girl has the size the Pedigree and produces nothing less than monsters. This girl is an absolute rock star and we have one of her daughters in house and she is, as far as we are concerned, the baddest XL American Bully female in the world.
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Pedigree of Fiona

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