You are currently viewing BCB’s Trainwreck
WEIGHT: 131lbs
COLOR: Blue & White
ABOUT TRAINWRECK: This girl right here is one of Box Car Bullys awesome productions that came from the Jimbo X Fiona breeding. We are definitely happy that we kept this girl at BCB. The breeding was put together over a 2yr period of time and more than a couple trips to Florida looking for dogs that fit the look and pedigree we where after. We originally purchased a stud fee for Jimbo to go to another female that we had but the breeding never took place. We then decided to purchase a puppy from our friends at NBBK because he was doing a breeding that fit the bill and that’s how Fiona came to BCB. TrainWreck is an absolutely amazing all around female with the looks attitude and athleticism that we desire our dogs to have.
Pedigree of Trainwreck

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