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Hello y’all from us here at Box Car Bullys in Okeana, Ohio! As I sit here with two litters two weeks apart from each other for our only two breedings of 2020 I figured this would be a good time to go over the ups and downs and the ins and outs of XL American Bully breeding. I am not saying you should or shouldn’t breed, just pointing out some of the things that you will need to do and some things you’ll run into. I’m tired from keeping a constant eye on 18 puppies in two different locations, so please cut me a little slack if this isn’t perfect.

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Fiona Nov 2019

Princess Fiona of BCB nursing 9 pups after a successful breeding and delivery with our big male King Carl of BCB. This wasn’t the easiest breeding that we have had here by far. I bought Fiona from NBBK in Tampa Florida in 2017. I picked her up at 9wks old a week after hurricane Irma ravished the shores. I was a 18hr drive each way over a weekend where i had left after work Friday and got back home Sunday in time to rest up for work Monday. I also picked up her aunt Xena, a Headward Swellington daughter at the same time. A week or so later I bought a stud fee from the man who owned Jimbo at the time also in Florida. No sooner than i paid for it Xena started bleeding and she was coming into heat. So just a short few weeks after buying Fiona and Xena, I had to drive back down to same area from a Friday to Sunday again to drop her off for breeding. The following weekend i drove back down again to pick her back up after the breeding took place. Then 63 days later we got nothing from all that driving except a back ache and less money in the bank.

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This is Jimbo and Xena from my trip to Florida for the breeding that ended up not taking. It was a fun trip though with a friend of mine and my girl Xena.

So here I sat in Ohio with no pups and holding a stud credit to Jimbo for whichever female I wanted to take to him. All I wanted was a dang male bully from Jimbo so i could have another stud dog besides King Carl to chose from. Then one day out of the blue Jimbo’s owner calls me and he’s talking about how he is going to sell Jimbo but whoever bought him knew i still was owed a stud credit. Long story short i ended up taking yet another trip down to Florida and this time I came back the new owner of Jimbo.

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This is Jimbo after a couple months up here in Ohio at a show in Dayton Ohio. 1st place XL American Bully

So as all this Jimbo mess was happening ol sly dog King Carl got let out to play with Xena who we now know has silent heats and we had Carl and Xena pups. Carl is truly my best bud and the first XL American Bully i ever owned. This boy is why my whole obsession with bully’s started. I should of just stuck it out with me and him honestly because as far as dogs go hes better than 90% of those fat head non breathing big dumb bully’s. Ill have a whole story on King Carl one of these days but for now lets carry on.

The Trip to Georgia to get two XL Bully females! Ok so let me start by saying this……Do not believe a word most of these breeders tell you. Make sure you drive and put hands on dogs don’t take these peoples words for it. I drove all the way down to Georgia 9hr each way to find regular ass looking pit bull females and turned around and came home empty handed. I can 100% honestly say that I own the two biggest females I’ve laid hands on and one is the other ones daughter. Currently the biggest dog I’ve got on my yard is a Female from Fiona and I am pretty sure that’s just another trick the Universe has played on me because all I ever wanted was a monster male from Jimbo and after 3yrs I’ve got the biggest female I have ever seen and she is only one year old this past month.

I’ve currently got two litters from King Carl on the ground one is with Fiona which I believe is the best litter of pups I’ve ever seen at 11days old and another with Bella the red girl. I guess what I have learned here is that if you fall in love with a breed because of a certain dog then that’s the one. Don’t chase the hype and be unhappy with the dogs you produce when that’s not the style dog you got into this all for to begin with. Do what you love for yourself and others will see your vision also and want in on the action. Start your own line with your own favorite dog for all the right reasons. Oh the main reason to not chase the hype is because most these breeders are full of crap. Know going in that puppies are loud and not easy to take care of and the have to be taken care of a certain way or no one will want them. Do everything the best you can don’t cut corners give people the best pups you can and sell them what you know is the best. Have lots of money lots of room and prepare for lots of heartache and know that you may never get what you planned for. Also take a good vacation before you start this venture because it may be your last.


Thanks for taking the time to read this and learn a little more about my journey.

This is my first blog of many I hope and I hope I gave you some sort of insight of breeders life.


P.S XL American Bullies are definitely the best all around pets ever and I believe this 110%.

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